Write to your MP for WOW

We ask for your help; we need you to write to your MP. As you know only constituents can contact their MPs and we would like to see as many MPs on board as possible. We are already working behind the scene to try to get a second WOW debate but we need MPs to be involved.


You should write in your own words but we have a sample letter to give you an idea.

Back in 2014  WOWdebate happened after we achieved over 100,000 signatures on an e petition. A second E petition achieved 67,000 signatures and we keep pushing for a cumulative impact assessment for all cuts to disabled people as we believe not to do so would be to accept second class status.

This Government has blocked assessing all cuts to disabled people despite the EHRC calling for the reality of disability cuts to be recognised. David Isaac, the Chair of the Commission, which is responsible for making recommendations to government on the compatibility of policy and legislation with equality and human rights standards, warned of a ‘bleak future’.
Mr Isaac said:
“The Government can’t claim to be working for everyone if its policies actually make the most disadvantaged people in society financially worse off. We have encouraged the Government to carry out this work for some time, but sadly they have refused. We have shown that it is possible to carry out cumulative impact assessments and we call on them to do this ahead of the 2018 budget.”


We personally are further worried that future changes to Universal Credit and the cut to severe disability allowance further hits us. Surely the impact of this policy which amounts to economic murder should not be hidden away from view until too many have died to deny it is happening.


The Government has shown no duty of care to disabled people by refusing to carry out a full impact assessment despite our E petition and, in theory, winning the debate and virtually all other reputable organisations in the sector calling for one. We feel that all they have done is laugh at us and the plight of disabled people. At best they simply ignore us..


Please would you consider whether it is possible to carry this issue back to the House of Commons. This Government needs to be held to account if even the EHRC,SSSC and the UN are putting their heads above the parapet and accuse the Tories of working for the few at the expense of the many. We have been fighting for fairness for over 6 years and hope you are able to keep the issue in the public domain as yet more cuts arrive.


We understand that politics is a complicated process but feel let down by a system that can ignore over 100,000 signatures, We won the first debate and then were ignored. All the while disabled people are not getting the life opportunities they deserve. We are being victimised and harrased and a hostile environment has been created around us. We will be setting up a website shortly for people to send their fears, concerns and their stories. We need their voices heard.


Please help us?

Once you write to your MP you can also fill this form in. It would help us to know which MPs have been contacted. You don’t need to give any personal information.