WOWcampaign/Petition, with the support of MPs Debbie Abrahams and Kate Green, has again secured a debate in the House of Commons through the Back Bench Business Committee;  to discuss the  urgent need for a cumulative impact assessment  of all cuts to disability support.

The debate will probably take place in the next few weeks

Some of you may say we’ve been here before but every time this Government has been told that their policies disproportionately target cuts at disabled people they just sneer back at us “Fake News, you can’t prove it”.
Now is the time to make them prove that what they are saying is right and what we are saying is wrong.
If they can.

How can you help and get involved?

Not everyone can travel to London and attend the debate but you can still make a difference from the comfort of your own home.

What you can do before the debate

  • You can still write to your MP asking them to attend the debate
  • We are producing a document with the ‘voices’ that people have been sending us in the past few months. This document will be given to MPs and the media before the debate.  If you want us to include your experience of austerity and welfare reform, you can still send it to us before Weds 17/10/18 at 12pm
  • You can share this post on social media as much as you can, you can also add a Twibbon to your social media profile.
  • You can also inform individuals and organisations that have been opposing cuts and welfare reforms

What you can do during the debate

  • Print one of these signs, take a picture of yourself or your family, friends or colleagues with it and post in on social media (signs coming soon) with the hashtag #WOWDebate
  • Use the #WOWDebate hashtag on Twitter to explain how cuts have affected you and your family. Feel free to use your creativity, post videos, poems, art, remember we want to be heard and seen on the day
  • Take part in the Twitterstorm during the debate (more information soon)

Thank you for your help and support