“Why does the government treat people this way? “

I have applied for Personal Independence Payment due to various illnesses and am waiting for a tribunal.
I live on a personal pension of just £113.00 per week and because of the Government cap on my housing
and council tax benefit, this means I have to pay £72.00 towards my rent every month.
I also have to pay towards dental treatment and glasses, as I am deemed only to be able to get help
towards these costs, rather than get them free. I paid £25.00 for glasses recently, as the most I can get towards
glasses is 25.58 and was unable to afford any more.
I have gum disease and cracked a tooth and had to pay £14.00 for emergency treatment and £14.00 yesterday for another check up.
I have been told that I have to have an extraction now that costs £45.00 of which I have to
pay £38.37 towards.
So because I earn £113.00 which is over the £73.10 the Government
says I can live on, I am always penalised.  Due to these bills, I have just £40.00 for food for the next fortnight.
I am diabetic and need to ensure I eat healthily, but I cannot see how I can do this as the costs
of everything in the supermarkets are rising. This makes me very anxious and I suffer from
anxiety and depression anyway.
Why does the government treat people this way?
A very worried citizen
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