“Welcome to Hell (Britain 2019)They are callous and beyond cruel”

3 out of the last 4 years I have been sanctioned. I have ME which affects my mobility but isn’t the same every day. Occasionally I can walk but often I’m left bed bound and I’m always in severe pain. My health deterioration has been ongoing since I had 3 different rounds of Chemo and radiotherapy for breast cancer 6 years ago.

I am the only Carer for my disabled son and myself and all my three boys have survived on £300 per month. Bootleg Assessment Centre has ‘wilfully’ denied me a home visit. At one point I provided a doctors letter but they replied that it wasn’t worded correctly, therefore, wasn’t admissible evidence. They also stated that because I had made it to the doctors surgery, o could make it to the assessment centre.

I was on the mend, but the stress of dealing with the DWP and the strain of trying to keep my family alive on £300 a month for so long has destroyed me. I now require a Carer every day in order to function. Both of my elder boys have moved out because of our terrible predicament. This horrible Tory party has shattered not only my life but my family. The damage caused is irreparable.

I was stick on a carousel of appealing, having their decisions overturned only to be immediately sanctioned again. So PIP would be reinstated and back pay reimbursed and 3 days later I’d receive a letter with an ESA sanction. Then when that was appealed and overturned (taking months), 3 days later a letter would arrive with a sanction for PIP.
This was intentional, there is no doubt in my mind that the hope was for me to commit suicide.
Apart from 3 months maternity leave for each child

I have worked all my life. 7 days after my last radiotherapy treatment I was sat back behind my desk at work.
This so-called government is pure evil with an agenda to literally murder all those they can’t force into work.
May God have mercy on their souls, although personally, I don’t think they deserve it.
2 days ago I received the form to be assessed once again for ESA. My full entitled benefits have been in place correctly for only 3 months. And I am getting back onto that carousel. I can hardly put pen to the form before I break down in tears, shaking & sometimes vomiting thinking of going through it all over again.

Welcome to Hell (Britain 2019)They are callous and beyond cruel. Obstinate and vicious on their handling of people’s ill health. Conservative ideology is creating a hostile environment for anyone who cannot work as well as foreigners.
It didn’t surprise me at all that deflection scripts were found to be in use. Or that massive bonuses are paid to DWP staff.
Abhorrent and inhumane doesn’t cut it. I was just point blank refused a home visit. Without explaining or reasoning. I had to be accompanied by a council support worker. But I was out of it as I had to take so much morphine to enable me to move I recall very little.

Just the fact that you attend the assessment is enough for them to discredit your ill health claims. The system is rigged against disabled people. Purposely designed to make claiming anything almost unachievable. The report does not factor the unpredictable nature of my mobility. It has decimated my health both mentally and psychically. The sad thing is, if I had been allowed a stress-free recuperation period, I would have been back at work already.

It has torn apart my little family and left me suffering from PTSD. I am hollowed out and a shadow of my former self. I beat cancer, but I know deep in my heart I won’t beat this regime. They will make sure I don’t and I’m consumed with fear as to what will happen to my little boy when they win and he is left alone.

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