“The WCA was/is traumatic”

I am now plagued by violent and suicidal thoughts daily.  Thanks wca. Blatant cull of the sick & poor and Brexit’s all we hear about on the news… no word of a human cull of tens of thousands per year, no word of a genocide/democide.
The WCA was/is traumatic.  I should never have had to go there (they came to me a prior time).  It should not even be a thing and even if somehow someone construes the notion that the WCA is legit and I did have to go, then I surely shouldnt have been (physically and mentally) assaulted and defrauded there.
If I did not have parents as principle care providers after myself, (who cannot be expected to go to shops, answer phones and many more things others take for granted), I would have surely died at the hands of these killers.  It cannot simply be that there’s gaps in their system that cause folks like me, with a comorbid bundle of many ailments, to slip through with no points.  It seems from my experience like they intentionally hire vindictive psychopaths as the assessors (a role that should not even exist at all) and give them a quota.

Bring on unconditional universal basic income, and a breakup of the nasty Tory Party.  What an expensive foolishness they’re up to. Where’s the investing in people to save money on the back end?  This foolishness of theirs not only kills (which they don’t seem upset by), but actually proves more expensive.  Dangerous idiots!  Harmful costly idiots!  I want to be well, and have been working at that, but  my health has been set back further, worse than I’ve been thanks to their work capability assaults.

Being cut off for a number of years, living on no income, scared to leave my room, wasn’t good for anyone either.  thanks Tories, you’ve really helped the economy/society there. .  not.

I’m due another wca soon by their calendar, though they’ve proven incompetent at realising that in the past (or maybe there are angels in the system, throwing spanners in their cruelty schedule).  I fantasize about what I might do  to help end it.  Trying to make the best of a bad situation still seems to come out bad.

We’ll all be paying for this for a long time.
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One thought on ““The WCA was/is traumatic”

  1. Worth remembering it was Rupert Murdoch’s New Labour that started the war on the disabled in conjunction with The Sun newspaper. James Purnell and Yvette Cooper are even lower pieces of ****** than any Tory.

    “Tens of thousands of claimants facing losing their benefit on review, or on being transferred from incapacity benefit, as plans to make the employment and support allowance (ESA) medical much harder to pass are approved by the secretary of state for work and pensions, Yvette Cooper”.


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