The report… points……!!!

Hi all…..well where to begin.  Since my husband’s diagnosis of his rare heart condition it has been a struggle. One of many admirable qualities as a person was his ambition and drive to work hard and provide us with a fabulous lifestyle. He worked long hours and at times away from home, his port folio of qualifications and achievements are phenomenal and he was well known and respected within a large field of professionals.  To cut a long story short for want of a better phrase, his health began to deteriorate. But still he continued to try to push the boundaries and continue to thrive in his career.

Sadly at the end of last year his health had plummeted so severely that he began taking periods of time off work.  Accompanying my husband’s heart condition he sadly has other medical conditions requiring treatment with prescription medication and combined all of these problems played a huge factor to the position we are in now.

Taking our lifestyle out the equation, to witness the man that is my best friend and family become so terribly unwell to the extent that it had a such an impact on his daily quality of life was heart breaking. And for the first time there was nothing I could do to fix it for him.

My husband has experienced multiple admissions to hospital,  injuries as a result of falls , trialled on multiple medications, seen numerous specialists and discriminated against for his conditions.
Worst of all he feels he is not the man he once.

After being deemed unfit for work for the rest of his  life, the impact that had mentally was astounding.
It became necessary for me to resign from my career path to take care of my husband as working and being afraid for his well being and leaving him to try to fend for himself became dangerous.
We had never been in this position before…..and so the benefits process began.

Never have I experienced such a lack of compassion for human beings. Especially those who are affected by ill health or disabilities.  The process is in my opinion in need over a huge over haul of its staff and policies and procedures. The daily perils of life for some people are overwhelming enough due to poor health without the trauma of being made to feel like you are cap in hand begging for hand outs.

Whilst I appreciate that sadly people do abuse the system that is not ALL people!
A disability is unique to its owner and there is No one more qualified to talk about the condition than the individual that has it. Yet sadly it would seem this isn’t taken into account by the ” medical professional” who does PIP assessments.

In brief, our professional assessor boldly admitted she used Google for my husband’s information about his condition. For an overview ok a valid comment but Google does not explain how it affects my husband.
Her primary focus was pushing mental health and a total lack of compassion for that topic alone. She discussed herself and failed to even try to understand how hard this whole process was.

The report… points……!!!My only response to that is spend one day in my husband’s shoes and then score him  nothing.  How could this be possible. I couldn’t even begin to comprehend this decision.
Mandatory reconsideration…….still zero point!!!!

Access to medical records, cardiologist letters, GP signing him off for life. Heart medications, 6 other daily medications.  Adaptions to our home. A blue badge holder. Regular admissions into hospital. A professor of cardiovascular science monitoring decisions over my husband’s heart condition from his London based hospital. A full explanation into a day in my husband’s life.  Detailed explanations of the condition and a precise explanation of an arterial spasm. ………HOW DO YOU NOT SCORE A SINGLE POINT!?

Again the stress and anxiety that this caused placed more on my husband’s shoulders.  When he said to me, do they think I’m lying? I don’t understand I would give anything not to have this wrong with me and have our life back.  For me at that point I thought I have to fight for him.  And that’s what I am going to do.
I have spoken with so many people from a fraudulent solicitor taking money from us to assist in the Appeal process,  disgraceful in itself. Staff at assessment centres, PIP departments, citizens advice, forums for advice, doctors and various other organisations.

I am disheartened to say that I discovered many people are enduring similar problems to ourselves, and I’m a little ashamed to say I had little knowledge of the dreadful ways that individuals with disabilities are treated.
I’m sure like many others I could continue to write pages of flaws in treatment and the benefits process, just aswell this voice page doesnt allow you one small box to record your life in unlike a PIP form.
To anyone reading our voice I wish you every success in fair treatment and may you receive the help you need.

A wife

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  1. Don’t let them win! My hubby got point despite all the evidence. YET, we re applied for PIP & it was awarded at higher rate thn he had previously… & backdated to the day the tribunal rejected his appeal. There is no humanity or human contribution to these ‘assessments’ It is a software programme designed to fail you. Fight back!

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