“The MR was turned down with the same excuse”

I have been on sickness benefit since 1998. I was awarded Incapacity Benefit in 1998 and an indefinite award of DLA .
In 2005 I was reassessed for IB, where the assessor scored me zero points -same as now with Atos Assessments- lied throughout -forced to attend tribunal where IB reinstated. At this tribunal I was told I would never need to attend an assessment/tribunal again.
In 2013, I was automatically transferred to ESA support group and in 2017 was asked to complete an ESA claim form. ESA was awarded without a face to face assessment. In 2017 I received a request to claim PIP. I had an assessment in August 2017, where the assessor lied about everything, fabricated his own version of things and twisted things around to the opposite and different to what he was told.
One example of this was “You were observed to sort through documents laid on the floor from a seated position”. Not only was this a lie- it was physically impossible, as I was sat at a table watching the “assessor” the whole time. Any papers I had, were on the chair next to me and I did not look at them the whole time.
This was then included under every “activity” in the report, even when it could not be applied to the activities.
The Mental Health and MSO reports were a standard text that were copied into the report- it was the same as the report in 2005.
The MR was turned down with the same excuse “observed to sort through papers laid on the floor from seated”.
PIP is awarded on how my disabilities affect my ability to carry out daily activities and what aids I use. These would have scored me enough points to qualify for care and mobility PIP- totaling 30 points on the PIP self test, 18 for care and 12 for mobility.
The tribunal was held a few days before Christmas 2018, which was adjourned after 30 minutes so they could “obtain copies of my medical records”. My medical records do not show how my conditions affect my inability to perform daily activities. I was reduced to tears at this tribunal. The HMCS has arranged it to be held on the 18th April. I had a Welfare Rights Adviser attend with me in December 2018, but he did not support me or speak for me.
All this has caused me great distress and anxiety -I have felt like I want to end it all! I have an Advocate attending with me on the 18th April -but feel she won’t speak up for me. I feel like I do not want to attend, but am concerned they will not award me PIP, to which I am entitled.
The activities which score points for PIP are the same as most of those for ESA- the same questions on both claim forms. I have been in receipt of benefits since 1998 and my conditions have worsened over time.
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