No-one asks to be sick or disabled, its not a lifestyle choice

Hi I’m Michelle Maher one of the WOWpetition group who in 2014 brought Tory Government to the House of Commons on the back of an e petition to access all cuts to disabled people. In theory we won. But it was a win the Tory party happily ignored. Osborne blocked any assessment all cuts to disabled despite EHRC, Social Security Select Committee and now The UN saying they should do. Sadly i believe they will ignore the recent findings, but well done to all the groups that got it so far, DPAC and Black Triangle and many more.
No-one asks to be sick or disabled, its not a lifestyle choice. I am talking to you today to ask that we all keep the pressure up in whatever way we can. We are fully aware the party came into power and purposely laid the groundwork against us by a drip drip, drip of hideous accusations that we were all scroungers and a lot of us were able to work. We have seen increased attacks and abuse on disabled people, and the Tories were probably thinking great their plan was working, now the cuts.
Osborne was utterly confused at his last budget when he announced he was cutting PIP to pay for a cut inheritance tax for the top 10%. He couldn’t understand what the problem was, hay it’s only the disabled, our backers our the top 10% why is anybody bothered! That’s how removed from society they are, how little they care and how they are othering disabled people. And i would be here all day on Cameron’s use of his son to ignore questions on cuts at PMQs.  I know for myself you get paranoid that people are watching you, what if they see me on a good day, oh god is that the postman with a brown envelope! They have instilled fear into sick, disabled people and their carers. Listen to Dennis Skinner’s story at the WOWpetition debate to hear the horror of a terminal cancer sufferer.
I have got sicker and more disabled over the last 2 years, with breathing problems and breast cancer.. In theory i should feel able to go back to PIP to seek more support. I haven’t, I’m scared like many if I raise my head above the parapet i will loose everything. The system has me cornered, and frightened, but hay they will know now, I will await the brown envelope! Look i’m waving i must be fit for work !! Me and Richard II
They have made us a new underclass, Thatcher did that with single mothers and poorly paid workers. In my book they want us to disappear. We are a bunch of lazy scroungers sleeping when other’s are working. The blinds are closed on our pain, our sickness, our helplessness and our fear of each and every day, and what new cut will hit.
I  became interested in activism 6 years ago when my cousin who is now in a home was refused PIP. She had Parkinson’s and osteoporosis . The doctor’s report was a lie and full of contradictions. It didn’t even mention the hallucinations see had of foxes in her bedroom and mice in her kitchen. We ended up costing the taxpayer thousands as we went to tribunal. But what she had was pride, but that is not allowed. Is the taxpayer happy this is happening? To me it is pure cruelty, she was mortified and i lied to her to get her there saying they wouldn’t question her. This is what the UK Government wanted they want people too scared to turn up for tribunals.
How can these supposed doctors and nurses working for these companies treat the sick and disabled this way just to get a huge pay rise? Thank you to people like Dr Wood and the nurses who said what was going on within these companies. The Government refused to investigate Dr Wood’s accusations on people found too sick for work by doctors were having their decision overturned by the private companies. The private companies who have secured millions taxpayers money to run the system ineffectively, with huge delays and false findings. But they are only doing what the Government asked. They thought we were all fakers, found out we weren’t so they just slashed everything instead.   The only liars are the Tory party when they claim they support us.
We now know private companies have cost taxpayers £39 million in appeals. But the fear can not be measured by cost. Exacerbating our symptoms can’t be measured. But we need to speak out in any way we can. Get our voices out there. Use podcast, letters, anything send it to us and we will put out on twitter and facebook. Share them continuously wherever we can. Get the truth out there we have our voices heard. Also if you could send a copy to your MP, tell them you are going public.
We need our voices heard, we need to empower ourselves to do something. The more we get the greater the impact. Please take this opportunity to speak,to shout, to say how it has impacted your life.
Carers we also want your voices, you too are joined with us in the fear of what is coming next. Having to fight to survive.Whilst you save this country billions.
This Government had one ideology, cut the state, the NHS, public sector and welfare. We need to fight for them all. Give us your voice , or written word, anyway you can, let yourt MP know. On the back UN findings we need to shame them to act as a duty care to assess impact all cuts disabled people. Over 200 000 people signed petitions calling for a cumulative impact assessment WOWpetition and Pats Petition.We need to fight on..
I will have my voice heard, please send of yours to share. Details will be on our site, at our twitter account @wowpetition. Let us all get it off our chest and share with the world what they have mentally and physically done in the UK. Back up UN findings.  Let us take back control in any way we can.
I will have my voice heard, please send us yours to share. Details will be on our site , at our twitter account @wowpetition. Let us all get it off our chest and share with the world what they have mentally and physically done in the UK. Back up UN findings.  Let us take back control in any way we can.
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