My story – I’m a 24/7 Unpaid Family Carer

You wanted my story, it will be long, it’s painful recalling all that went wrong
My life is so stressful, a nightmare to tell, made worse by the Tories, a living hell
Our struggles alone push me right to the limit, but Welfare Reform is really what did it
Relentless assessments, form-filling galore, losses in income and a whole lot more

Austerity came like a bolt out blue, built on a lie, it just wasn’t true
Being told by the Tories of massive debt, “left there by Labour”, we’re not to forget
Lies fabricated to win an election, the growing corruption to ensure selection
Piece by piece, our rights stripped away, the poor and the needy are made to pay

Lives torn apart for the workers by taxes, but those at the top, for them it relaxes
“We’re in it together”, at first we were told, but the stark reality begins to unfold…

The bedroom tax hit me and ripped me apart, like a knife in my back, it punctured my heart
Attacking the place where I needed to sleep, caused a festering wound that went far too deep
Affecting my mind, I sank to despair, tried to take my own life, I survived, I’m still here
I mustered the strength to carry on living, as a family carer, I carried on giving

Then one year later, I lost my best friend, disabled and hounded, she came to the end
Too many assessments by the DWP, she took her own life, so she could be free
This welfare reforming it’s hard and it’s cruel, it’s eating or heating, buying food or some fuel
Not enough money to pay all the bills, Tory austerity, it’s bad and it kills

My husband then lost his ILF, for many disabled,  independence death
No longer able to have what they need, many stuck in their beds by Tory greed
Then came the end of Income Support, for my husband’s survival, I really fought
Severely disabled and confined to a chair, the ESA claim was another big fear

The stress of it all was all I could take, trying so hard, I needed a break
My mind overloaded, I collapsed in a heap, got a rest in hospital and much needed sleep
This bad stuff is happening and yet not a word, on the news, on the telly, it’s really absurd
The Tories they speak of success every day, they’d have us believe they are doing okay

With the Bedroom Tax many can’t pay their rent, they’re losing their homes when the money is spent
Single parents, the sick and disabled must work, hit with cruel sanctions if deemed to shirk
With wages much lower they don’t always pay for basics like food or what’s needed each day
Foodbanks increasing so people can eat, as the heart of our nation is struggling to beat

Then came the end of the DLA… hubby’s lifetime award had been taken away
A gruelling endeavour, he had to claim PIP, his life laid bare at the crack of the whip
Every intimate detail being declared, in front of strangers, it had to be shared
Political abuse, there’s no other word, what he had to go through, his voice should be heard

The torrid experience affected him bad, and the stark indignation made me so mad
It all took its toll on him, every last bit, and overly anxious he suffered… a massive fit
Fighting for life in a hospital bed, struggling to breathe with a tube in his head
I just can’t believe this cruelty in life, affecting my husband and his overstretched wife

When will it end, do we have to die? Will the world get to hear our desperate cry?
Next thing to come will be UC, another big worry with uncertainty
Yet all we will hear from the Tories is this, how well they are doing, but not what they miss
So, this is my story, it’s where I am at. I am a carer…


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