My latest PIP Assessment is the closest to breaking me

I lost a lot and missed out on so much becoming chronically ill 25 years ago, my daughters growing up, my marriage, the final years of loved ones, my business and career, making positive life choices.

But my latest PIP Assessment is the closest to breaking me, the extended torture of pushing through the Appeals Process after a woefully inadequate Assessors Report left me £450 worse off a month and my management and care regime in tatters. Deliberate institutional harm by  the Government and its lackeys.


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5 thoughts on “My latest PIP Assessment is the closest to breaking me

  1. When Labour does finally get in power there must be an impact assessment far to many people are dying because of this Tory Government.
    They are simply evil and angry and many if given the chance would be Nazis.
    I don’t wish harm on anyone but I do hope many of these callous barstards end up in wheelchairs or to sick to work. That would make my dat to watch them struggling crying because they cant cope.
    We need Labour because to many are suffering even our OAPs are being beaten up and robbed.
    This country stinks under May and sooner she’s out with the rest of her cronies the better millions will feel.

    1. You do know Labour brought in WCA & Atos don’t you? Any hope that they will undo this damage is faint. To many private companies are making way to much money from it!

      1. Yes. New Labour of Blair, Cooper, Purnell & Freud etc. The Labour Party is under new ownership now and we are attending a Parliamentary Round Table discussion next week discussing WCA & excess deaths.

      2. Under there guidelines many would not have had this. For EG a ten year was given to someone then who much sicker 12 years on got nothing. Its wrong. Screw Blair etc and the Tories! Its revolution we bloody need.

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