I was previously on a lifetime DLA award

I was previously on a lifetime DLA award (mid rate – care, low – mob) for my mental health issues. I asked for early migration to PIP having received several physical health diagnoses and having been electric wheelchair dependent, indoors and outdoors, for a year.

I was awarded standard rate care and mobility for PIP for two years.

The assessor was at my home for two hours and twenty minutes. And from that time she decided that my care needs are minimal because I managed in front of her to, press a button on a recording device, lift a cup and manipulate some PC buttons to output a CD copy of the recording.

I walked two steps and turned back to my wheelchair that apparently evidenced I had a normal gait. The examination of my legs gave the assessor so much information that she deduced me capable of walking 20-50 metres, safely, as often as I might need and in a timely manner.

This suggests I should telephone wheelchair services and arrange to return my electric wheelchair. As i no longer fit the assessment criteria for the loan of the device.

My mental health has been completely disregarded, it seems in the report I requested. My taking an antidepressant has been labelled as merely a first line treatment, my extensive history seems minimised to provide less context. That i take the fluoxetine at twice the standard dose was ignored. My referral to clinical psychology for yet further therapy was seen as fairly insignificant.

My pain therapy is stated to be for moderate pain. The NHS describe Tramadol as ‘for moderate to severe pain’ and I find the need to take the maximum dose 5 to 7 days per week. That in addition to 2700mg of gabapentin per day. I concede I don’t take the maximum dose of gabapentin – this is contraindicated due to the risk of serotonin syndrome due to taking fluoxetine.

That some of my medications can help with more than one thing has been ignored. The assessor repeatedly stated I take nothing for anxiety. She disregards that many ME, Fibro, POTs, MCAS patients cannot tolerate a lot of the sedating drugs. She ignores that gabapentin helps with anxiety.

I am massively offended to be represented by the assessor as someone who has exaggerated her conditions and symptoms on her forms. My conditions are not moderate but the whole of the report is such that I am justifiably perceived as much more capable than I am.


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2 thoughts on “I was previously on a lifetime DLA award

  1. Four year battle with DWP over fraud, maladministration and harrasment waste of time. I have had complaints upheld by the tribunal service and independent case examiner but DWP staff are above all laws and decided to ignore outcomes of these Investigations. They attempted to scare me with a fraud investigation but I welcomed this and asked for my file to be scrutinized for illegal activities by myself and DWP staff. They continue to break their own rules by refusing to respond to all correspondence and by doing so I cannot escalate my complaints. The income support. ESA, PIP and fraud departments are attempting to cover up wrongdoings by their staff but they do not need to worry as there is no legal help available to correct injustice by these so called civil servants who are guilty of abuse of office. A criminal offence that can lead to life imprisonment. The police should be investigating this, not some internal “independent” assessor. The tribunal service and ombudsman are all part of the same Machine and just because a decision is overturned this does not mean the DWP will comply. They can review your case and make a new decision to punish you for taking them to a tribunal. I have been threatened that if I complain again I will lose all of my benefits.

    1. I was 100% spot on with the lies, fraud, corruption and covering up facts. This go’s all way up to senior management level as I had a letter from a senior manager which was an absolute insult to my intillagence. I’ve had the same issues for 3 years now. The only way to win is taken them to court as am in the process of doing. The amount of lies is off the scale. As I call them lies and deny department. Most annoying people are these dwp spokesperson shoved out time and time again to comment on anything that any paper or TV programme has a story about UC. Like clock work we get the lie and deny BS then insult us with we take matters seriously or we will address the issue. That’s code for we will do fuck with anything as we don’t care. I’ve never dealt nor seen anything as bad as this in my lifetime. Hence why am going to court except this case is going to be very damaging after many attempts to settle out of court from the dwp yet like clock work they are just waisting time. As I don’t care about anything they say or offer me.

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