“I was an Atos PIP Disability Adviser”

My story is a little bit different to most on here. I was an Atos PIP Disability Adviser. Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you?

I’m pretty sure there are a few of you out there will regard me as the devil incarnate, and stop reading now; or carry on reading and not believe a word. I can understand that 100%. Via my own twitter account, I’ve said that I’m ashamed to have been involved, but day by day, whilst the regret remains, I see the ability to help people with PIP claims; through first-hand knowledge and experience of a system which is wholly unfit for purpose.

Oh yeah and a raft load of their training materials. I promise to fill in more details over time but right now, I want to give a reasonably concise version in order to spread the word. I had returned from working abroad at the end of 2015 and applied for numerous physio roles, one advertised by a company called SJB Medical on behalf of Atos.

The role was sold as a caring, altruistic one in which I was being employed for my medical background to carry out a fair and objective assessment. I have watched my mother with a 40+ year history of rheumatoid arthritis, either jump through hoops or be denied completely. I should have been wary when SJB medical gave me a telephone preparation session. During this I was told exactly what to expect in the Atos clinical interview (lower back pain and mild depression).

Anyway, having received a number of NHS offers at 21k pa, let he who is without desire to look after his family, turn down 32k plus 10% into a pension. I’m not justifying it, but you see I am not someone who took a job thinking it was so toxic. We had 10 days of training which was about how to complete an assessment, no teaching on conditions outside our normal remits as nurses, physios, paramedics and occupational therapists. Minimal condition training was done through distance learning workbooks. I spent 3 years to be able to call myself a physiotherapist, but Atos and the DWP think I’m fit to assess schizophrenics


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4 thoughts on ““I was an Atos PIP Disability Adviser”

  1. Meanwhile I look at jobs I know I can do (I have a BSc and a PhD in Physiology and research experience in quite a few areas) but I cannot apply since I don’t have the specific qualification and piece of paper required.

    So many jobs you MUST have the specific qualification and then ATOS come along and expect a physio (no insult intended) to assess schizophrenia. I couldn’t do it either. I ken neuroscience but not clinically.

    It is mad, absolutely mad and just smacks of doing it on the cheap and that various professional bodies have banned their members from taking part as it violates principles of care. So they cannot employ clinical psychologists to do it as would be proper because they would get struck off.

    This should have raised huge red flags with government but it didn’t and that in and of itself and outwith everything else a scandal of its own.

  2. I have disabilities, my son has autism. My wife was offered a job with the DWP. At the time she was working in an £18000 per annum job which is well below her. She is Business Analyst with over 25 years of knowledge and management. She was offered £27000 to work at the DWP and she turned it down. She has principals and a soul so, she wouldn’t take it even though we could of done with the money.

    She has since got a double promotion in the company she works for and still not as much as the DWP would have paid her. I am proud of her.

  3. You’re probably the physiotherapist who told me I didnt qualify for PIP. With my suicide risk assessment and stating how well i look and no signs of anxiety or depression. Be ashamed!

  4. Your assessments made me suicidal not you personally but the people you worked for. Someone with your qualifications could get a better job. However I was lucky I won at both my Tribunals and your assessors and the DWP could not destroy me. My spirituality and faith in Jesus Christ got me through this, there are many names for the Higher Power and I advise anyone else to call on theirs if they have any faith as their Higher Power is much bigger than Atos, The DWP or Capita. If you don’t have a Higher Power do your best to cope and be strong and make sure you have supportive friends or family. All I can say to people who do these jobs is to be very careful some say Karma is a bitch.. Also your health could get bad and you may have to face this situation. You may end up old and infirm oneday and you may face unscrupulous immoral people who lie and don’t value your humanity like the way you treated others with your assessments. Please believe me I don’t wish you any harm but like I said Karma is a bitch. Be careful what you do for money. Atos assessors are not much better than whores doing anything to get money however some whores are better than these people as they are bringing pleasure to their clients were Atos are making vulnerable peoples lives hell. Have some self respect and find a better career that helps others. So Atos pays well that’s good but you can’t take it with you when you’re dead but you do take your soul and actions to your heavenly creator I do wonder will that impress the Divine? I’m no angel and I’m definitely not perfect but I could never work with a company like Atos who destroys lives.

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