As Parent/Carer for my son I have had many challenges

As Parent/Carer for my son I have had many challenges over the years keeping my son safe and constantly reminding regarding this he has had many falls and unexplainable issues and I feel safeguarding is not highlighted and accurate enough. 
Also hospital admission for Learning Disabilities and Autism is not acceptable, more training and professionals that know about their disabilities and how to support them in routines and a general knowledge on how to take care whilst in hospital to suit there needs. I have had experiences previously and last year, at present we are going through a traumatic time. 
 Don’t get me wrong they did a good job but actually there systems are not correct and they need to correct this. 
Care plans and health plans are not met for the persons needs things get missed and this is why errors happen and unexplainable deaths, which has been highlighted many times. 
So my voice and many others would now like this to be actioned and monitored and to highlight the flaws in the system and to now correct this. 
Better monitoring an accurate system with a named person in each department.  
Services to meet the person with a Disability needs and health related issues. 
Also Care in the community is failing and the CQC need to monitor more frequently and correctly, I have mentioned issues above so all this needs correcting now.  

Why I have highlighted this Is because I as a Carer have had many years dealing with issues my son is 44yrs with a Severe Learning Disabilities, Autism, Epilepsy, Challenging Behaviour. He is at present recuperating from a fall which he had been in hospital and now in supporting living care. 
I also am Challenging with a petition relating to benefits changes within the DLA to PIP and long term conditions because they took away the indefinite claim attached to the DLA and never replaced it in the PIP people have fixed assessments times now. I did send it to Parliament at 10,000 but now to be heard in Parliament is has to have 100,000 signatures, the Wow petition did highlight my petition in parliament but they make it hard win. I will fight on with my petition until they listen.



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    1. Hi, The WOWpetition ran in 2012-13 and the follow up in 2015. There is currently no petition active. We are trying to leverage the 200,000 signatures on petitions since 2012 (Pats Petition, WOW Petition, WOW Petition II) which have been ignored by the Tories. We have cross Party Back Bench Support to have a new debate and vote about whether the Govt have targeted and been unfair to disabled people but in order to obtain a debate we need Tory MPs to agree to speak at this debate. We are asking people to leave their “Voice” on and pressure any Tory MPs to agree to speak in a new debate. Tory MPs should be directed to MPs Kate Green, Debbie Abrahams and Ian Mearns.

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