A sad and scared parent of two valuable and worthwhile UK citizens

I am the parent of two, now adult sons who both have autism.
One also has a learning disability, sensory processing  disorder and anxiety and one also has epilepsy.
My youngest son received  a statement of special educational needs at the age of 4.
He was placed in a school that catered to children with his disabilities and thrived achieving much more than we ever hoped he would.
That was before 2010.
Since 2010 the Tories ideologically driven welfare reforms have changed my life utterly and completely.
I am painfully aware that my government now views my children as burdens.
Burdens to be bourne with very little grace or humanity by the leaders and law makers in the UK.
This view of our disabled community seems to have been all to readily accepted and regurgitated  by our media and general public.
This acceptance  has both shocked and terrified me in equal measure.
Have people always thought soo little of people who are disabled and different?
How was the majority soo easily persuaded into turning a blind eye to the suffering and persecution of our countrys most vulnerable individuals?
I just don’t know how this happened to us as a country.
I no longer have any piece of mind.
I no longer believe the UK has a social contract to take care of the most vulnerable in our society.
I no longer believe I live in a country that will take care of my very vulnerable children when I die.
I have no hope for a life well lived for my disabled children when I am not here to fight for them.
I have no peace anymore.

A sad and scared parent of two valuable and worthwhile UK citizens.

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