Complex health conditions including a Rare disease that my own GP hadn’t heard of

Complex health conditions including a Rare disease that my own GP hadn’t heard of and has no understanding of it. Affects 1 in a million people. Was lifetime DLA scored 0 on transfer to PIP in 2016 for both components assessor admitted to looking at google night before 9 times stating I had trouble mobilising and needed help from husband.

Did the Mandatory Reconsideration was awarded 10 points. Started appeal but had to cancel due to very ill grandson. Didn’t find CAB any help either. Report was as most find full of their interpretation of what’s actually said . Box said I gave permission for mental state evaluation I didn’t

I’ve suffered from depression for many years but dealing with constant ESA and now PIP assessment I’m worse than I’ve ever been In 2014 after waiting 65 weeks I went to court without any representative just hubby for support and won and was put in support group . I’ve been assessed since then for ESA got same Dr who when challenged on his last report telling him I’d complained to ATOS 5 times duly  found another assessor who’s first statement was

I don’t know why you’ve been called for face to face his parting words to me as he shook my hand was I hope not to see you again ( Hmm we’ll see) I doubt it Was put back in support group
Will be 60 in January so I’ll have to keep going no pension until 66.

My body
Prolapsed discs in neck and lower back and coxis problems
Peripheral neuropathy
Heart valve problems now being monitored for left ventricle problems
Depression and anxiety
Am part of whole genome sequencing study at Addenbrookes hospital for my Rare disease but good old DWP Decision makers know better apparently

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