“0 to 36 points. 6 months stress”

0 to 36 points. 6 months stress. DLA stopped 7 months ago, which halved my income and put me in rent and council tax debt, two days after putting in 163 page submission to court. 45 page ESA reassessment from 28.6.2013.

These Nazi like procedures with no secretarial or legal support are life threatening. Basic social education of MPs needed now their ignorance is murdering people!

I asked at end of assessment what to do if I was turned down? She said I wouldn’t be with my conditions! Zero points !!!!!!

Inhuman, immoral not considering medical advice. Forms unfit for purpose prescriptive and totally inadequate. Never been so humiliated in all my life. It has taken away my life energy. The institutionalised oppression is totally unacceptable and needs to be investigated immediately. Crimes tribunal needs to be set up. Who is accountable?

Institutionally oppressed disabled

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One thought on ““0 to 36 points. 6 months stress”

  1. My assessor told me I had nothing to worry about (without me asking) but I got zero points. When I addressed that in my mandatory reconsideration, I was told the assessor had failed me which I don’t believe. Especially after reading this.

    From the mandatory reconsideration response.

    “The health care professional has justified in a personal summary statement the reasons why your limitations do not score against any of the activities prescribed by the work capability assessment”

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